MI Pilates welcomes Movement Practioner Sara Pugh.

March 31, 2013

Sara Pugh

Sara has a background in genetics, biochemistry and biophysics. Having completed a PhD in 2006 she left the field of science to pursue a career in movement and manual therapies and has never looked back.

Keen on sport Sara played competitive hockey, football  and squash. She also practiced Karate for 8 years and Thai boxing for 6 years.

Sara is comprehensively trained in both Pilates Matwork and Studio (Cadillac, Reformer, Chair & Barrel) and has completed the extensive training with both Polestar Pilates UK and Body Control and is trained on all small equipment.

Sara also brings a variety of other disciplines to her work which have been influenced by NLP (neurolinguistic programming),  Z-health (nervous system training), and somatic movement, providing the participants with a unique experience. Sara’s work caters to a client base ranging from those in the 80’s to pregnant mums.

Sara is particularly passionate about the Pilates machines, as they provide a safe and highly effective way to rapidly recover from injury or pain, and are key to mastering the more advanced mat exercises.

Pilates is an activity that is beneficial and enjoyable for participants from all ages and abilities.

Sara is from Leeds and currently devotes time on Thursdays at MI Pilates for a variety of work with Private Clients and small groups of Fusion Classes (Equipment and Mat work with up to 4 people at a time.)

Prices range from £15.00 an hour for small group Fusion classes to £50.00 an hour for 1:1 Pilates session.

For more information call Sarah on 07765 662579 or drop me a line on 07912 566753 for more information on booking a session with Sara.

Welcome Sara!

Evolve in life, move yourself.

Janet Wood BA

Movement Practitioner

Sports Massage and Injury Intervention Specialist