For Foot Sake

October 15, 2020


For Foot Sake is a somatic exploration of the functionality of the foot.  Where we will explore how hip, knee and lower back pain can be alleviated by simply addressing the movements of the foot. Our feet are our base, essentially a moving base that provides a dynamic base of support. No matter who you are or what you do, if you move or like to move you know how profoundly important the feet are. Unfortunately,  it is often when something goes wrong that we realise how much we rely on them.

Our feet ground us, give us roots and connect our bones to the earth. They propel us forward in life, keep us balanced and help us sense our environment. They are an important part of our bodies and display a history of how we move and how well we move is reflected in the mobility and freedom of the foot. Did you know that the movements of the foot directly relate to the movements of the hips? Do you have pain in hips, low back, legs or knees?

Our perception of “Age” can also be directed to the feet. The foot transfer forces through the rest of our body and a poorly functioning foot can result in faulty movement patterns, compensation patterns and habituated trauma reflexes. All of which can lead to pain and often leading us to feel as if time is against us. It’s not…Somatic movement helps us release tensions that accumulate and result in the perception of age and decrepitude.

From good posture, to overall pain free functional movement…the importance of keeping our feet released of tension and understanding how it relates to our whole being is the first step towards pain free movement. Whether it’s running, walking, climbing, hiking, or simply strolling through town, check out what your feet are feeling at the For Foot Sake Workshop.

Join us on Sunday October 25th for a Somatic exploration of the foot at this fun, functional and funky workshop on the foot. Click here for more details and set yourself free.