For Feets Sake – Runners Workshop Forth Worth, Texas

March 19, 2021

Are we really getting smarter or is technology just dumbing us down?
It seems everywhere we go things are getting smarter; from smart-phones to smart TVs, smart houses and even smart footwear!
We need footwear to protect our feet.  Especially now as we primarily walk on hard, flat surfaces and having some protection from whatever the foot may come into contact with is beneficial.  But constantly wearing shoes that block and bind the foot also interfere with proprioception; our ability to sense our environment which is critical to the foot as it is part of our balance system.
We know that  footwear is important for the protection of our feet, but taking care of our feet outside the “shoe”  is paramount to our overall health and wellbeing.  Our feet are our foundation and aside from plantars fasciitis, bunions, and a host of other foot related issues our feet also regulate movement and receive ground forces 3-5 times our weight, transferring it through the knee, hip, pelvis and spine, making our foot health something we all need to prioritise.
The foot is one of the most important features of the human being as a biped creature.
If you’re in Fort Worth Texas, I’m hosting a playful and educational exploration of the foot at Luke’s Locker; exploring it’s anatomy,  specific release and drill techniques that will reset and free up your running and walking  for a more efficient, easy and effortless gait. Now that’s smart!

If you’re a runner in Fort Worth, this is a great workshop to come along to. Make sure you book your place here.

For Feets Sake – A Runners Workshop
Thursday 8th April
Luke’s Locker, Clearfork
6.00pm – 7.30pm CST
Book here: