Our Instructors

Meet the team of professionally skilled practitioners at MI Studio who are passionate about Pilates and Somatic movement. Relax, renew and reinvigorate and soon you will be having more fun than humanly possible.

Chandler Farr

Movement Practitioner
Master Instructor and Educator
for Balanced Body Pilates
Certified Pilates Instructor

Clinical Somatics Educator
Certified Advanced Sports Massage Therapist
UKA Performance Coach

Janet is the owner and director of the Movement Integration (MI) Studio, York, UK; North Yorkshires largest and most comprehensive Pilates and Clinical Somatics studio and Authorized Training Center for Balanced Body Pilates Teacher Certifications.

She is the founder of Sweat-Equity, a comprehensive distance running organization and has been a fitness professional, coach and movement teacher for over 30 years in both the US and the UK.

Janet has practiced Pilates since 1988 and it was during her studies in Physical Therapy at Texas Women’s University that she decided to pursue a career as a Movement Practitioner. Janet is certified by the Pilates Method Alliance (PMA), Polestar Pilates International, studied Classical Pilates with the Pilates Standard and is a Master Instructor and Member of the Balanced Body University Faculty. She holds a BA from the University of North Texas and post-graduate Diplomas in Biomechanics and Human Movement, as well as being an Advanced Sports Massage Therapist.

Janet is a Clinical Somatics Movement Coach and in 2014 was the first to introduce Clinical Somatic Movement classes to the York Market. Now in her final year of Clinical Somatic Education, Janet is excited about the many offerings of services and workshops dedicated to helping people get out of pain and move freely.

Janet provides Balanced Body instructor training programmes in Pilates Mat and Reformer and apparatus such as Trapeze, Ladder Barrel and The Pilates Chair and relishes opportunities to share her passion and broad knowledge through mentoring and supporting others. In addition, Janet delivers workshops and seminars in Pilates, Somatics, and functional movement as well as running group and private Pilates, Somatics and reformer sessions .

As a former middle distance runner, Janet’s knowledge of the body, posture, and biomechanics enhances her work as a teacher, educator and movement practitioner. Janet’s passion for her work is infectious and her desire to enable clients to develop a deeper sense of awareness through movement, strength, flexibility and pain free movement is inspiring.

Give her call and see how to move free and feel better. 07912 566 7653

Marina Crowe BSc (Hons), HPD & CPNLP

Marina relocated from the Midlands to York over 30 years ago and has a background in Psychology, learning and teaching in higher education as well as Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP) and clinical hypnotherapy, with the connection between the mind and physical body being of keen interest.

Marina began practising pilates many years ago as part of her wellness and fitness routine but following a lower back injury, it was the numerous benefits of attending regular classes at MI Studio during recovery that triggered her passion for pilates and desire to train as a Pilates instructor with Janet Wood.  Some of these include greater flexibility, better posture, lengthening of tight muscles, greater whole body strength as well as the use of the breath to enhance movement whilst focussing the mind on sensory perception – plus a lot of fun and laughter!

Fully trained and accredited as a Balanced Body Pilates Instructor and Integrative Movement Specialist covering Reformer Pilates, Matwork, Ladder Barrel/Pilates Arc and other apparatus, Marina teaches classes ranging from Beginners Matwork to Advanced Reformer Pilates. She teaches small group classes or on a 1:1 basis assessing movement ranges and enjoys working with people of all abilities.

Marina was also instrumental in the success of the ONLINE Classes offered via Zoom during COVID 19. She teaches the morning and midday classes and offers Pilates Resistance Band and Enhanced Pilates Mat with the Ring, Roller and Ball.

Liz Holmes

Liz’s passion for Pilates started 20 years ago when, as a fitness instructor, she took part in a Pilates workshop in London with Polestar. From then Liz developed her knowledge and experience, qualifying with Polestar and launching her own classes around Bristol as well as offering one to one Pilates therapy within an osteopathic clinic.

Success delivering classes led to opportunities to manage group exercise programmes and then health clubs and spas. This led to Liz’s teaching taking a bit of a back seat for a number of years while she developed her career as a Spa Director and National Head of Spa for Virgin Active. Liz still heads up her own spa consultancy company but is keen to achieve that work-life balance we all strive for by getting back to her passion for Pilates.

Liz is really delighted to have met Janet in York at just the right time when she is keen to get back to teaching and welcome both new and existing clients to the studio for her Monday morning reformer class (8am).

“I am so pleased to have come to MI studio where I can get back to what I love doing and work with someone like Janet, who has so much knowledge to glean from” says Liz

Liz teaches Pilates Group Mat and Reformer Classes and is available for 1:1 Pilates Tuition.