Pilates Reformer Classes

The most versatile piece of equipment in the fitness industry.

The “Universal” Reformer

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Pilates Reformer Classes

Exercise your entire body from core to extremities in the safest, most efficient movement. The Reformer will challenge your strength or give you support where you need it, for the safest most efficient workout available.

Because of the Reformer’s multiple attachments, moving carriage, cables and progressive resistance system, you’ll find yourself appropriately challenged for your fitness level.

Ready to be challenged?

Reformer workouts offer some of the most dynamic and challenging movements at any level of fitness. And with mindfulness of the body’s functional movement – the MI Studio difference – you’ll be able to quickly develop strength, endurance, stability, flexibility, power, coordination, agility and speed.

When regularly practiced the Reformer’s precise exercises will help you to achieve impressive results in overall body composition including:

  • Greater muscular strength and endurance
  • A boost in your energy and metabolism
  • Changes in your body composition
  • Long lean muscles
  • Increased cardio-respiratory fitness
  • Improved agility, awareness and physical control
  • Greatly improved balance and flexibility
  • Increased core strength and improved postural alignment

Reformer 1

Exercise your entire body – from your core to your outer extremities. The Reformer’s progressive resistance system enables supports your weakness and challenges your strengths to provide a safe workout for almost everyone. Level 1 is an introductory level class, and will teach the Movement Principles that are the root of healthy functional movement. But because of the progressive nature of the Pilates, the class also offers the most dynamic and challenging of any level of workout for advanced movers. The class will develop functional strength, endurance, stability, flexibility, power, coordination, agility and speed.

Reformer 2

This class builds on the work learned in Level 1.  We create more challenge in the exercises, building on the strength, control and precision you’ve been developing. There is more focus on continuous, flowing movement which adds to strength and endurance growth. The diversity of the exercises increases, as you begin working in more planes of movement,

Reformer 3

Come meet the challenge! Build your strength, balance, control and coordination with some of the most difficult exercises in the Pilates repertoire. This class will introduce new, advanced exercises and incorporate props to add variety and challenge to Reformer exercises you learned in the former levels. This advanced Reformer class requires prior approval, and the completion of a minimum of 30 level 1-2 classes. You must be proficient in most exercises and have no or limited physical limitations. This class is not suitable for people with spinal issues

Classes 55 minutes. Maximum 6 people – so that you receive personal care and attention.

Please be aware that there is a 24-hour cancellation policy on Reformer classes. If you cancel within 24-hours then you will still be charged the full class.

All classes should be booked in advance.