Sensory Motor Amnesia

A source of chronic pain

Our brain controls our bodies. When our bodies live long enough in one pattern of movement or posture, our brain can forget other possibilities. When we “forget” healthier movement patterns, that is Sensory Motor Amnesia (SMA).

So, our bodies are unconsciously responding to our environment, our activities and the daily stresses of life. Working long hours, sitting in cars, playing sports, accidents, injuries or just an “on the go” lifestyle…these activities create stress, or muscular tension, which accumulate over time. The long-term chronic muscular tension results in stiffness, mobility and postural problems, back and neck pain, a state of chronic fatigue.

When the muscles are held in tension long enough, our brain forgets how to release and relax them. Our body “thinks” the contracted state is its natural state, continues to contract and becomes painful.

Just as the brain can habitually hold muscles tight it can also release them and through somatic education. With simple movements, you can retrain your brain’s connection to the body and regain control and move towards living pain free.

This is the purpose of Clinical Somatic Movement – regaining control.