At the core of Somatic re-education, is a Pandiculation which  increases our ability to re-engage our brain with muscles to restore muscle length. It’s like at yawn. 

The Pandiculation technique teaches our body to reset muscle length at the brain level and regain control of habitually contracted muscles. You’ll learn to voluntarily contract your muscles beyond their current state, so that you can slowly, deliberately release them until complete relaxation is achieved.

In our world of “more is better,” the challenge is to lengthen the muscle to a comfortable length and not beyond it. With this approach you’ll gain awareness of your own internal sensations and regain control of your muscles by giving your brain more feedback and stimulation.  The movements need to be done slowly and deliberately, and you’ll need to focus on what you’re doing so the brain is a participant in releasing the stuck muscles.

You’re re-training brain and body so you can relax your muscles on demand. Somatic Movement teaches you specific skills and movements that improve self-awareness and self-monitoring to help you achieve long term pain-free, increased mobility, balance and coordination.