Credits and Refunds during Covid 19

MI Studio has been making every effort since March, 2019 to accommodate and serve all the clients during the pandemic by offering online classes.

At the onset of C-19 lockdown we immediately extended all active passes and requested everyone to join the mailing list to keep informed of the status of the studio while we credited your balance to account for use ONLINE.

ALL CREDITS MUST HAVE BEEN REDEEMED BY October 31, 2020. We have also been offering 1:1  Clinical Somatic or 1:1 Pilates sessions for those who prefer a more personal session.

For those of you who didn’t want to join us online…we offered you a refund of your account balance which was to be requested by October 31st, 2020.

Whilst we hesitate to refuse refunds past this requested deadline,  we will be unable to provide any refunds or additional credits past October 31st, 2020.    We have accommodated our clients with several months of grace periods, extensions, credits and refunds.

Live classes will be suspended during this transitional time and we welcome you to join us ONLINE now or in the future.

We are appreciative of the ongoing support of our clients and their understanding during this difficult and unforeseen period.  We also miss our live classes with client contact and interaction but have made every effort to provide a fun and educational  environment with a comprehensive selection of ONLINE classes taught by qualified teachers that will meet your needs from the safety and flexibility of your home. Click here to book.

Stay tuned for the upcoming addition of our Pilates Arc, Barre’, High Intensity Cardio classes and our  Somatic Movement Educational Series on the Hips/Legs, Feet, Neck/Shoulders, and for the Lower Back.  We look forward to seeing you ONLINE soon.

With much love and care,

Your team at MI STUDIO

Janet and Marina

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