Balanced Body Movement Principles

The Movement Principles form the foundation of Balanced Body Education. The course focuses on structural and muscular functions and then provides basic exercises to illustrate the information in movement. You will explore the following areas and create a foundation for becoming a successful Pilates teacher, personal trainer or movement educator:

  • Anatomy,
  • Assessment,
  • Movement biomechanics,
  • Foundation exercises

The Movement Principles provide a solid foundation for training in any environment, with any equipment – a Pilates studio or gym. Our focus is on whole body movement, segmented into five categories:

  • Trunk Integration,
  • Lower Body Strength and Power,
  • Upper Body Strength and Power,
  • Balance and Dynamic Flexibility,
  • Rest and Relaxation.

Your deeper understanding of the body’s functional movement will help you interpret situations you find with clients. This knowledge, combined with the exercise tool box you will develop, will allow you to effectively train clients recovering from injuries or to improve their general fitness and athletic performance. The focus on practical understanding of common movement patterns prepares instructors to be excellent at problem solving, goal setting and learning new exercise techniques with ease.

Course Fees:
£375.00.00 per module by posted deadline*
£40.00 per course Manual
£50.00 of which is a non-refundable admin fee

Total Fee:  £425.00
after posted deadline £525.00

Student training package: £400.00 (12 month expiry)
Your Balanced Body Pilates Teacher Training program requires personal and student teaching sessions to develop you as an effective teacher. As a student, you will develop your movement abilities, knowledge of exercises, and awareness of what is happening in your body. As a student teacher you will practice how to teach what you’ve learned.

MI Studio offers this package to help you fulfill the teacher training requirements.

  • 1 FREE 1:1 (£50.00)
  • 3 1:1 Private Pilates sessions (£150.00)
  • 10 reformer Classes or 20 mat (£150.00)
  • 5 Reformer hire Hours or 10 mat room hire hours for teaching practice (£100.00)
  • Unlimited observations
  • 10 Hours of Mat room hire or 5 hours of Reformer room (£100.00)
  • Saving £150.00 off individual bookings

Single Service Studio Hire Fee: Space is available to hire for practice or apprentice teaching. Mat room hour is £10.00, Reformer/Studio £20.00 (second Hour is £10.00)

Student Teacher / Instructor Insurance: You are responsible for supplying a current copy of your public liability and professional indemnity insurance document to the studio.

Cancellation Policy/ Terms and Conditions:

  • 30-day Cancellation Period-a Full Refund for Module Fee less £50.00 Administration Fee if cancellation is submitted in writing and received a minimum of 30 days or more prior to course start date.
  • Less than 30 days-Fifty Per cent Refund, less the £50.00 Administration Fee if cancellation is submitted in writing and received less than 30 days before the start date.
  • MI STUDIO reserves the right to cancel to cancel any course. In the event of an unforeseen cancellation, we will endeavor to provide adequate notice and issue a full refund. MI STUDIO is not responsible for the administration of or refunds for transportation or accommodation services or reservations.

Please feel free to contact MI Studio UK with any questions.