Pilates Mat Classes

"Change happens through movement, and movement heals."

Joseph H. Pilates

Ready for some fun?
Join Marina or Janet for some energizing Pilates classes or find restorative movement with



Pilates focuses on strength conditioning that incorporates mindful-movement with a focus on core stability. Build longer, leaner muscles, improve posture and balance, enhance physical awareness. We’ll progress from increasing your core strength out to the extremities for a dynamic, physical reconditioning.

Janet and Marina are pleased to continue offering ONLINE classes for you to enjoy at your convenience. IN PERSON classes with Marina will be available at Haxby Pilates Studio from 5 July 2021 (Mat and Reformer Pilates classes).

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Beginners Mat Classes:

Suitable for all, this foundational class is a great way to become proficient in the basics of Pilates. Gain an understanding of the Movement Principles and begin to learn the progression and modifications of the Pilates method.

Intermediate Mat Classes: 

Ready for your “ideal” Pilates workout? We’ll build on the beginner level for a more challenging approach to the Pilates foundation.  Increase your strength and agility.  Suitable for people with who have mastered the beginner level and have a good understanding of the Pilates principles.

Advanced Mat Classes: 

The next level?  Advanced exercises for those who’ve built strength and suppleness into their bodies. From Classical to contemporary, this class will challenge your workout and leave you feeling long, lean and filled with vitality.

Mixed “All” Level:

Suitable for most people with some Pilates awareness. This class is designed as a mixed ability level and incorporates both Pre-Pilates and Pilates. It can touch on Intermediate level work, as class focus is dependent on the overall ability of the group. Beginners are welcome.

Resistance Band and “Enhanced” Pilates Classes:

The Resistance Band classes make a great alternative to the Pilates Reformer class.  Where the mat meets the reformer gives you an excellent full body Pilates workout with the resistance and support of the band. The “Enhanced” Pilates classes make use of the Pilates Ring, Ball, Roller small Pinky ball to create change in, challenge and adapt the mat classes for an educational and variable movement experience.

The Pilates Arc:

A dynamic class that focuses on both classical and evolved Pilates repertoire utilizing the Pilates Arc and a variety of props. A fun way to challenge balance, strength and range of motion as well as stretching and mobilizing the spine. Great for stretching out the mid back and shoulders.


This is a fusion class of Pilates and High Intensity (Intelligent) Training. With a blend of Pilates, Somatics and Functional movement patterns, this class is structured to create a fun, high energy cardio PHIIT workout with full body strength conditioning and movement awareness.

BARRE: (Coming Soon)

Online Classes:

New to our ONLINE classes?  Please click here for information on how to book.

All group classes are tailored to provide a dynamic workout (based on your level of condition) focusing on balanced strength and flexibility. We’ll use your body weight for resistance, along with bands, balls, foam rollers, Pilates rings and other small props which will help you move better.

A class is strictly limited to 10 people.

Please be aware that there is a 24-hour cancellation policy on all Mat. If you cancel within 24-hours then you will still be charged the full class. All Monthly passes are limited to 30 days with no extensions, refunds or exchanges.