MI Studio – Freedom in Movement

We believe that movement is synonymous with good health and good health is synonymous with how well we move.

As a comprehensive Pilates and Somatic Education studio we are committed to providing our clients with an approach to movement that is both mindful and educational. By offering a wide range of classes in addition to individual Pilates and Somatic lessons our aim is to inspire, educate and help you integrate movement into your daily life to keep you strong and pain free.

Please note, we are currently teaching our classes virtually during Covid-19. Classes, workshops and courses can be booked online as usual.  If you are NEW to MI Studio York, please CLICK HERE for the timetable and booking guide

Pilates Mat - ONLINE NOW

Pilates is the perfect mind and body workout. Our classes are tailored to your ability and incorporate mindful movement, develop your core stability, and enhance your physical awareness.

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Pilates Reformer - ONLINE NOW

Our reformer classes are designed to exercise your whole body safely. They will help develop your strength, flexibility and endurance and promote healthy, efficient movement.

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Clinical Somatic Movement - ONLINE NOW

Pain Free Movement in the style of Thomas Hanna. These classes are an educational and enjoyable way to learn how to relax tight muscles, release tension and restore muscles to a resting length. Leaving you pain free, healthier and happier.

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Workshops - ONLINE NOW

MI Studio offers a wide range of somatic movement and pilates workshops and master training classes to expand your knowledge and awareness in movement science.

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Instructor Education

MI Studio is an authorised provider of Balanced Body Pilates in York. Our training program, run by experienced master instructors, creates thoughtful, successful Pilates teachers. We offer modular courses so you can learn flexibly and at your convenience. At the end of the programme, you will have studied: the anatomy, movement principles, mat, reformer, and comprehensive Pilates.

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What do people say about us?

“Have just completed Movement Principals with Janet last week. Fantastic course! So practical packed with information and Janet's gems she throws in as well - the best bits.”

Chloe, York

"Love Pilates sessions at Mi Pilates. Invariably professional yet fun, with detailed and precise instructions. Any ability and individual need catered for. Definitely recommended!!"

Anne, York

"I have suffered with chronic back pain for over 25 years and was eventually diagnosed with Ankylosing Spondylitis in 2014. I have tried all sorts of treatments and classes but hadn’t done somatics. I can honestly say that after 4 x 1:1 sessions with Janet and some 1:1 Pilates I feel stronger, more mobile and pain free after each session. I’m looking forward to continuing classes and improving me movement patterns - thank you Janet."

Jane, Cambridgeshire