Sports Massage

The benefits of sports massage for any athlete range from the physical, physiological and psychological.

By maintaining the condition of the bodies soft tissue sport massage can prevent injuries, improve mobility and performance.

The Physical effects of Sports Massage works by breaking down scar tissue, improving elasticity by stretching the fascia surrounding the muscle which therefore increases blood flow which removes waste products like lactic acid build up and allows nutrients and oxygen rich blood to reenter the tissue to increase the repair and recovery time. 

Physiologically, some of the effects of sports massage are reduced muscular tension and an increase in circulation, which reduces pain and increases the feelings of relaxation.

Psychologically, the effects of massage can vary from reducing pre event or injury related anxiety by increasing the sense of relaxation to more positive and invigorating feelings for pre event preparation.

Janet Wood is also a Qualified Level 4 Advanced Sports Massage Therapist and Athletic Coach in Endurance and Speed. (UKA and USTAF)

In addition to providing general Sports Massage in a rehabilitative setting, she also provides a be-spoke service in injury intervention coupling Sports Massage and manual therapies such as Soft Tissue Release, PNF Stretching Technique and Movement Therapies using Pilates Rehabilitative equipment.

She also provides services at a variety of Tri-Athlon and Multi sport events and offers regular injury clinics in her studio at a reduced rate for local running clubs and affiliated sports teams.  Get in touch today. 07912 566753