Pilates York Testimonial – Victoria Lawton

I went to see Janet one week after an operation on both my feet. I was unable to walk but Janet with her amazing positive attitude rose to the challenge of maintaining my core fitness and retaining some muscle strength. Over the weeks and months she patiently guided me through exercises that increased my confidence and as my feet healed she incorporated them more into the series of exercises in our session. Janet’s expertise in understanding what my personal goals were and her ability to gently build up a series of movements that, when combined helped me achieve a strength and flexibility of which I would never have believed that I was capable.

I enjoy every single session and know that I am in the hands of an expert, Janet tweaks every movement so that it achieves optimum results and it is wonderful when your own body rises to that challenge. I recommend her to everyone that I know because I utterly believe in her capabilities and ability to bring out the very best in anyone.

Pilates York Testimonial – Peter J Sayer

12 months ago, following a series of X-rays and scans on a serious back problem, I was diagnosed with excessive degeneration of the lower joints in my back.   I was unable to sit for long periods and suffered chronic lower back pain that prevented me from any exercise.   I tried Physiotherapy and Acupuncture and visited a Chiropractor for 3 months of treatment without any success.  I was then recommended to try Pilates and heard that Janet Wood was one of the best Pilates Practitioners in the area.

Janet learnt fully the extent of my back problems before devising an appropriate Pilates program to suit my particular needs.   Throughout the Pilates sessions Janet has always been careful to ensure that the exercises carried out did not cause me any excessive pain or discomfort.

I have been having weekly Pilates sessions with Janet since May and the difference in my health has been almost unbelievable.  The chronic pain has gone completely and this has allowed me to live a much fuller and more active life.  I am now planning to take up running and golf again and can travel long distances without the worries of being able to walk at the end of my journey.

The transformation for me has been truly remarkable and I no longer have to contemplate early retirement due to ill health.I would therefore be very happy to recommend Janet and Pilates as a means of improving fitness and overcoming painful injuries and health conditions.