Introduction to Anatomy


Intro to Anatomy is an excellent course for anyone interested in movement science. It is highly recommended (but not required) for those with no previous anatomy background before taking Anatomy in 3D or any Clinical Somatic Course.

A 1-day workshop, this course provides an overview of the body’s systems and introduces students to primary muscles, bones and joints. The course focuses on a mixture of theoretical, practical and functional application of anatomy. The human body is an intricately balanced structure, and this workshop provides an introduction to how it creates movement.

Appropriate for anyone interested in anatomy, or fitness professionals and trainees such as gym instructors, personal trainers, Pilates teachers, or other movement science disciplines such as yoga and somatics.

Introduction to the Skeletal System

  • Bony landmarks
  • Joint types
  • Movements
  • Structure of bone etc.
Introduction to the Muscular System

  • Muscle structure
  • Origin and insertions of common muscle groups
  • The spine
  • Upper and lower limb joints

Workshop Fee: £150.00 

Included in the Workshop is a comprehensive workbook and anatomy related journals. A certificate of attendance will be awarded upon completion.

Required Textbook Purchase-Recommended The Concise Book of Muscles by Chris Jarmey circa £15.00 on Amazon or The Trail Guide to the Body by Andrew Biel. 

Cancellation Policy: Greater than 2 weeks written cancellation 100% of workshop fee less a £25.00 administration fee. Less than two weeks written cancellation, 50% of the workshop fee less £35.00 administration fee. Cancellation on the day, no refund.

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